No business, however big or small, can afford to pass up on the marketing advantages regarding products / services offered and enhanced customer experience through a strong presence in “cyber space”. Moreover, your website and online marketing services should be designed to make your business stand out and to mirror your values and style.
Tailor-made: The WearverWorx team provide just such website design services, tailor-made to suit your requirements. The Team strives to improve the usability, accessibility and seamless interaction between your website and your clients. To this end, we prefer to give our clients online access to the site that we are constructing for them, thereby giving them the opportunity to participate in the design process and keep up to date on progress, i.e. online participation by client. This method of working ensures that the website meets all the requirements of the client at the time of handover.
Drupal software: All our websites are designed and developed using the Drupal open source software specifically created for an efficient Content Management System (CMS) which supports all major browsers. Read more about Drupal and the reasons why we prefer this platform above all others in our News Article Why Drupal?
Responsive web design: Our websites are based on a responsive web design, which means that the website automatically adapts its “Look and feel” (design, size, imaging, text, links, etc.) to the type of device being used by the client user. This enables you to reach out to your clients through any digital device. Read more about this concept in our News Article Responsive web design 
Dedicated cloud server: Although the client can choose to remain with their own service provider, where applicable, we strongly recommend that new and existing websites be hosted on WeaverWorx's dedicated cloud server with Afrihost. This gives the WeaverWorx team better control and hands-on management tools, thereby ensuring that you receive the best support and maintenance service 24/7. WeaverWorx will assist with the transfer of an existing domain at no cost.
Portfolio: Visit the sites on our Portfolio where you will find examples of websites built in accordance with the Packages offered by WeaverWorx, as well as custom built sites.

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