WeaverWorx has made available a Free Images KZN South Coast Media Library on this website.

1) Tourism Industry

Working with clients in the tourism industry and being located on the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal for the past 3 years, has provided the WeaverWorx Team with an inside view of the local tourism industry, and the opportunity to amass a vast collection of photos and videos for our Media Library. Quality photos are an essential ingredient in tourism-related website designs. When looking at your website, potential customers want to visually experience your service offering before committing to a booking. Blurry, small or out-dated photos don’t fill rooms or sell seats. Visually oriented customers tend to gravitate towards visually pleasing photos and are quick to form negative opinions when something doesn’t look good. You can have the best website design that money can buy, but without enticing photos, you will miss out on bookings.

2) Quality photographs

Living in an era where most people own one or more gadgets capable of taking good, or even great photos, you would think that accessorising a website with awesome photos is a snap (pun intended). Unfortunately, capturing photos is not everybody’s forte, not all devices can produce photos big enough to make hero banners, and some businesses are not located in the region where the owners live. These are all good reasons for engaging assistance with photo and video productions. Using a professional photographer is always a good investment, as they provide the necessary skill and equipment to personalise your photos according to your brand, but sometimes you just need a good quality, free-to-use photo relevant to your business or article.

3) Free-to-Use

Taking all of this into consideration and wishing to aid local businesses, we have decided to make our photos and videos available for use at no cost. We are by no means professional photographers and we don’t do elaborate photo shoots with models and complicated equipment, but we have plenty of enthusiasm and some impressive “mik en druk” skill.

4) Visit our Media Library

Our Media Library contains photos and videos of wildlife, beaches and attractions located in and around the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal. You are free to use our photos and videos for both commercial and personal use for websites and printed materials, provided that appropriate credit is given to WeaverWorx. Yes, yes, yes, we know that watermarks and attribution are a nuisance, but like all businesses, we also need exposure in the market to recruit customers. We have hundreds of photos which we still want to upload, and we always have our cameras ready when traveling on the South Coast, so keep checking in to get the latest photos. You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter to receive updates.

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