An outdated website can cause more problems than simply driving away customers. It can make your site vulnerable to attacks, affect your search engine rankings and harm your business’s reputation. Like all technologies and fashions, website software and designs are constantly evolving. Website designs and software that were considered “hot” just a few short years ago, mostly look and work “vrot” today when compared to modern day websites. Do you still have a circa-2005 website sporting flashing banners, a loud colour palette, dancing GIFs and information blocks scattered over the pages like confetti? So what are some of the signs that your website needs a bit of tweaking or a redesign?

1) Visually Unappealing

Making a good first impression is critical. People make snap judgments about a website that determines whether or not they like the site. These opinions often linger and can be difficult to reverse. Colour palette, text readability, appropriate images, spacing and content structure are all important visual elements that need to complement and promote your brand. Using unsupported software that requires visitors to install extensions is also inadvisable as visitors find this annoying.

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2) Not Mobile Responsive

A website is responsive when the pages automatically change and resize to fit the available device space. With more and more people using their mobile devices to access the internet, it is vital for your website to be mobile responsive.

3) Search Engine Rankings are Low

Is your website optimised for Search Engines like Google and Bing? Structured URLs, alt tags, page speed, page structure and configured metadata are all design elements that impact your Search Engine Ranking.

4) Website is Slow

Page load time is an important part of the visitors’ experience. Visitors get frustrated when a page takes too long to load.

5) It’s Difficult to Update Site Contents

Can you add new pages or update contents on existing pages without paying someone to do it for you?

6) No Social Media Linkage

Nowadays, pretty much everyone, and their dog named Boo, is on social media. If your business isn’t social savvy yet, then you’re probably losing out to your competitors. If you want people talking about your business and products online, then your website needs share buttons to promote your content and links to your social media pages.

7) Difficult To Navigate

This is one of the most important elements in design because visitors use it to cruise through the website to find what they’re looking for quickly. If you have multiple bulky menus with too many choices and submenus flying out left and right, then you might be unintentionally burying your content and frustrating your visitors.

8) Social Media Shares Look Bad

When your website’s pages are shared on social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, the share contains the wrong text or image. On modern content management systems, like WordPress and Drupal, you can control what the popular social media platforms see when your pages are shared.

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