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How to Add New Users to Your WordPress Website

Do you want to add another administrator on your website or multiple authors on your blog? WordPress includes a built-in user management system that makes creating and managing users and user roles very easy. Wordpress, by default, has 5 user roles. Each role has a...

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How to Update Your WordPress User Profile

Your user profile contains information about you that may be displayed on your website, depending on your theme and website design. It's important to keep your information up to date, especially on blog type websites that display Author pages to website visitors. Step...

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How to log out of your WordPress Website

This quick guide shows you how to log out of your WordPress website. Additionally, it shows you how to access the log out link directly in the unlikely event that you can't view the Admin Toolbar. Step 1:  Hover over/Click on/Tap your Username or Gravatar located on...

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How to log into your WordPress Website

Before you can make any changes to your website, you will need to log into your admin user account. Step 1: Begin by typing in your website’s URL into your browser, and add /login/ or /admin/ at the end. STEP 2: After entering the login URL, the login page will open:...

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How to Bookmark Your Website

Save yourself the hassle of typing in your website's URL or "Googling" your website each time you want to access your own website. Bookmark your website to make finding and opening your website much easier.  The bookmarking process differs slightly between browsers...

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Free Images KZN South Coast Media Library

WeaverWorx has made available a Free Images KZN South Coast Media Library on this website. 1) Tourism Industry Working with clients in the tourism industry and being located on the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal for the past 3 years, has provided the WeaverWorx Team...

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Time to Update or Redesign Your Outdated Website?

An outdated website can cause more problems than simply driving away customers. It can make your site vulnerable to attacks, affect your search engine rankings and harm your business’s reputation. Like all technologies and fashions, website software and designs are...

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