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TREE Safaris believes in the symbiosis, synergy, and balance of nature and man. Their tours, retreats, workshops and other services are centered around the meditative, healing and soul- / self-growth.
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TREE Safaris website What We Do page
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  • Homepage with multiple sections
  • Explore – What We Do page
  • Spiritual Teachings & Services page
  • Sacred Geometry page
  • Jewelry page
  • Soul Safaris page
  • TREE page
  • Contact page
  • Standard Website Terms & Conditions
  • Standard Privacy Policy
  • Standard Cookie Policy with Pop-up notification


  • Learn – Blogs landing page
  • Circle of the Ancients
  • Magic, Mysticism & Healing
  • Runes Keening
  • Nature


  • Contact form
  • Jewelry Enquiry form
  • Soul Safaris Enquiry form

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