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Affordable local hosting on a Linux-based cloud server which supports websites built on popular Content Management Systems (CMS) platforms like WordPress and Drupal. 

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A domain name is a combination of letters and numbers which makes up the address of a website. The primary purpose of a domain name is to help people locate your website. For this purpose, your domain name should be distinctive and easy to remember.

Domain names have a minimum of two levels: the actual domain name and a top-level domain (TLD).

The TLD is the extension that follows the final “dot” in a domain name. It helps to classify a feature of a website, like the purpose thereof (.photography, .plumbing), the owner (.gov, .org) or the geographical origin (, .durban).


Domain Registration

We will help you register you personalised domain name. Choose from a variety of popular TDL extension:, .durban, .com, .org, .net, .biz, etc.

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.biz top-level domian suffix on a price tag top-level domian suffix on a price tag
.guru top-level domian suffix on a price tag
.durban top-level domian suffix on a price tag


A website is a collection of web pages, images, videos, software and other assets presented to users in an aesthetic and easily accessible way. These files must be stored on a publicly accessible web server.

Web hosts, like WeaverWorx, are businesses that provide space on a server for use by clients.

In a Nutshell

If your website were a house, then your domain name is its address and your web host is your landlord who manages the housing complex.

Plans & Pricing

We offer a variety of shared hosting plans that allow us to meet your needs and your budget. Custom hosting plans are available on a quote-based pricing.

SSL Certificate

A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate is essential for websites that transmit personal information (e.g. contact details, payment information, login credentials, etc.). The SSL Certificate creates a secure connection between a website and a visitor’s internet browser, by encrypting communications.

Additionally, your website user will feel more secure knowing their information is safe.


Free VS Paid

We provide Free AutoSSL domain-validated SSL certificates on our server.

A paid certificate is highly recommended for larger business and e-commerce websites that collect or transmit personal information. The price depends on the certificate type and brand.

More Services


We design beautiful websites with eye-catching features, easy navigation and basic on-site SEO.


We offer maintenance services, from minor fixes to major updates.


Hosting Control Panel

cPanel is a web-based hosting control panel made available to you, to administer your site.

Manage your website files, email accounts, backups, subdomains and much more with cPanel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some frequently asked questions and answers about website hosting. Have a question that’s not answered here? Contact WeaverWorx today!

If I design my website myself, can I still host with you?

No. At this stage, we only offer hosting services for websites we design.

Can I transfer my existing website to WeaverWorx?

Yes. We will assist with the transfer. You will need to ensure that:

  1. The domain name is registered in your name.
  2. You comply with the cancellation procedure of your current host.
  3. Request your current host to make a full back-up of your existing website and emails before the transfer.
Can I keep my domain name if I change to another hosting company?

Yes. You own your domain. You will need to cancel you website hosting with us before transferring to another hosting company.

How do I change my existing domain name?

Unfortunately you can’t alter your registered domain name. If you want to change your domain name, you must cancel your current domain name and then register the new domain name (at full registration price).

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